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  1. Violates

    Why does JJ need bodyguards but the rest of the sidemen don’t?

  2. Abdullah Malik

    Wanna see zombie! 36:55 🧟‍♂️

  3. Mareme Diongue

    The Mashaallah turned to Inshaallah pick up line was good😭 If only she got it😭

  4. Alexander Rantzow

    Tobi and Harry being 🐐

  5. Dova

    Vikk and JJ are basically coconuts 2 white men inside a black and brown body

  6. The Ginja ninja

    Anyone notice there was so much more energy than usual

  7. Anonymous

    Anyone else read the subtitles?


    Harry is an alcoholic

  9. nienke

    Damm a lot of logan Paul x KSI reverences.. What a good throwback

  10. Ace of Diamonds

    Just had ice cream

  11. Oscar Reynoso

    the thumbnail omg

  12. Olivia Hall

    what does D-Low say after portugal?

  13. Oh Yurr Entertainment

    Sidemen, stop posting stinkers fam

  14. MJ Cleetus

    Oh wow JJ’s not even fat lol

  15. Tai Bach


  16. Um Mmm

    I'm 5 foot 10 Tobi: WTF? Me: LMFAO

  17. Rozza J

    First woman is unreal.

  18. Emily Wells

    Tobi and Ethan pissing themselves in the corner there 😂

  19. Rameesha Shahid


  20. Mahir Thaim

    13:26-13:33 JJ: Ah! Its cold up here baby!!! Ethan: Oh! shut up man.... JJ: Woo! Yeah baby!!!!!! Idk why but that was gold🤣🤣🤣

  21. aiko

    looking for non toxic good group with banta my stats. -im 13 -400hrs -mp5 spray 125+ -ak 125+ (when warmed up with it) looking to play mainly vannila but there is exceptions has good mics EU

  22. Anthony Calvanese

    Wish we could do carpool karaoke 2 with Randolph and just the favorites including his disses the quadeca stuff and we never really got jj watchijg simons on deji

  23. Mikzey

    Everyone should watch this just to see Simon's volley

  24. Jimin Slaps

    Whose binge watching during quarintine?

  25. Peter O connell

    Entertaining but they lost so What a waste of time🤣

  26. regby legrog

    16:32 OMFG BAHAHAH

  27. Jannah Mahiah

    I love how Harry's top half is a suit and then he has tracksuits and trainers on as well 😂😂

  28. Jovan Veljkovic

    28:44 JJ be like: 👁👄👁

  29. Mace Windu X JumboStudios

    Yes, but now I want almost everything they ate in this video 😂

  30. Rameesha Shahid

    0:00 the best part

  31. Jannah Mahiah

    I love how Harry has a suit on and he has white trainers on as well 😂😂

  32. Paty Franco

    When u realize this was a main channel video

  33. Sukhveer Kaur

    Who else saw that tiktok of josh and vik running

  34. NRG Hammad

    Ksi reminded me of Simon Cowell


    23:23 Simon never touched the glass

  36. Miguel Valdes

    Tobi is a tryhard

  37. Anwen Jones

    Anyone else think that Simon had ketchup on his sleeve turns out to be the label ahahha

  38. Dancemoms 4u

    They rlly did freeze like that 😂

  39. KWS


  40. Powa

    Tobis super power is the ability to lose weight super fast

  41. Taizy

    i wish if i met the sideman i would want the m to shout my insta which is jornaldo_07

  42. E M

    the amount of times i’ve rewatched this i’m pretty sure i could recite it😂😭goated vid

  43. Xurw

    This whole video of Ethan flexing

  44. Nick Alan Vlog’s

    Tell me why I jumped like a mofo when he kicked the ball into the go Pro hahahahhah

  45. James M

    Vikk: “im not gonna drink the water” Also Vikk: *drinks the water* 19:48

  46. Daliggowski

    Why did the title of the video change? I swear it was "SIDEMEN HOT ONES" before?

  47. Kevin Mejia

    The beat they use on Josh’s bar was sick from DLOW I’ve heard it from a song but I don’t know what the song is, if anyone knows reply to this 😂

  48. Hasan Joker

    Anyone 2021?

  49. Hasan Joker

    Anyone April?

  50. Ethan Nyakuwanikwa

    Never seen grown men huddle around a tennis ball with such hype lol (round 3 tho)

  51. Just Vending

    Harry would be ripped if he didn’t drink

  52. Rohan Sandhu

    45:30, Lol.

  53. Tia Smith


  54. Salman Alhalemi


  55. Jack O Haire

    imagine if vik was on the red team

  56. Shresth Raj

    13:34 that Indian accent of harry killed me 😂😂😂

  57. Ricard0WasTaken


  58. Airrez

    19:17 harry why.... just why

  59. Jai Bhardwaj

    11:40. That face tho

  60. Jay Laa

    16:56 explains every chav when they get angry

  61. Ella Chapman

    Bugs taste so nice I had them in year 9

  62. enyyii202


  63. Rahul Shankar

    JJ: The S in KSI stands for strength Also JJ: 19:06

  64. 69SUGOI69

    man this is the perfect video to watch while i eat fried chicken and get fatter and the discount code is chicken as well lmao

  65. Nye monks

    I’ve just got an image of josh crying and stuffing his face with broccoli 🥦😂😂

  66. kingfelz

    11:54 perfect synchronization mad how both there brains thought the same thing at the same time

  67. SamyWasHere

    U have 2 Nigerians on this channel JJ and babbatunde

    1. SamyWasHere

      @CrossShott lol

    2. CrossShott

      And Tobi and ethan

  68. Saint Arj

    Harry when Josh said the sidemen were donating 7k to charity had me weak

  69. dxmbo


  70. wizzlekicks

    This deserves more than 14mil views

  71. Andres Baez

    vik: im not drinking the water *drinks water*

  72. Confused Croc

    I can tell the difference with KSI in the thumbnail

    1. CrossShott

      Tis the point of the thumbnail

  73. MJstoned Gaming

    Josh is so entertaining 😂😂

  74. Analeigh Menhenitt

    Harry: spends hours editing a tiktok Jj: I don’t get it Tobi: that’s lazy That’s poor

  75. Nye monks

    Since when was Callum there

  76. Loop Loop


  77. RhudiCHFWasHere

    Can we just talk about how Harry’s brother got it first try both the first two challenges?

  78. Game Beast

    Which wine is ksi drinking ?

  79. Trash Boi

    Karma at its finest Before - 11:24 After - 14:33